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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Ohio County Economic Development Corporation is to provide leadership for economic growth in Ohio County, Indiana.

Vision Statement

The purpose of the Ohio County Economic Development Corporation is to improve the community that we live in through the creation and retention of jobs.

We will be known for our integrity and the caring manner in which we treat tough issues. We will treat everyone with honesty and fairness. Our goal is to be resourceful and follow through on our commitments to the community.

We inspire to lead by example and work in collaboration with business and government. We will support the community by doing the right thing in providing education, recognizing success, and encouraging entrepreneurial spirit.

We will make a difference by solving problems and cutting “red tape” to help businesses compete in Ohio County. We will promote the efficient use of resources.  We will develop new resources to retain and expand existing businesses in Ohio County.

Our long-term expectations are to improve local transportation, create new jobs with higher wages, and promote Ohio County as a great place to do business.  Ohio County’s future will be better by encouraging a collaborative effort with people working together to improve our economy and a higher quality of life.

The Ohio County Economic Development Corporation was created in 2007 to combine and unify the efforts of the prior City and County Economic Development Commissions and is a Public-Private board of Directors composed of Seven (7) members with (1) One Member appointed by the Ohio County Commissioners,  (2) Two members appointed by the Ohio County Council, (2) Two Members appointed by the Common Council of the City of Rising Sun, (1) One Member appointed by the Mayor of the City of Rising Sun, and (1) One Member appointed  by the board at large to represent the business community.  The Corporation conducts its economic development efforts under agreements with  Ohio County and the City of Rising Sun.

Board Member             Title                                       Appointment                             Term Expires

Howard Fletcher          President                             Business Community                 None

Chris Flood                   Vice President                     County Council                            None

Steve Slack                   Secretary/Treasurer          City Council                                 None

Don Thomason                                                           City Council                                 None

Mike Northcutt                                                           Mayor                                          None

Britt Minks                                                                  County Council                           None

Kenny Ashcraft                                                           Commissioners                         None

Lane Siekman Executive Director and General Counsel

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